Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

Making Learning Personal. In Person.

Nowadays, students enlist tutors for help with much more than just their standardized test preparation.

Some students seek tutoring to assist them with highly challenging classes that they might otherwise be reluctant to take. Other students seek to explore subjects with greater rigor and in greater depth than they might in a classroom setting. Still another group of students are struggling in school and turn to tutoring both to understand fundamentals and to improve academic performance. We categorize our work with all such students as “academic tutoring.”

When tutoring academic subjects, our tutors teach a systematic approach to learning that helps students develop the problem-solving and project-management skills required to absorb a semester or more of academic content. Our students also acquire a sense of confidence in tackling new challenges that remains with them throughout their academic and professional careers.

For us, “academic tutoring” does not include any activity geared toward helping a student with a graded assignment (paper, project, etc.). We will not, for example, edit or review papers or take-home quizzes before they have been submitted for evaluation.

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