The 2015–2016 ACT Sample Score Report

The 2015–2016 ACT Sample Score Report

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ACT previously announced enhancements to the ACT® test beginning in September 2015 that include modifications to the writing test and the inclusion of new readiness scores and indicators. These enhancements will require minor modification to the ACT score reports. The 2015–2016 sample score reports are now available. Click on the images below to view larger.

New Scores and Indicators:

The familiar 1-to-36 scores used on the ACT will not change. The new scores and indicators are designed to show performance and preparedness in areas important to success after high school. They will give students, parents, and educators more detailed insights to better plan for future success.

STEM Score — This score will represent the student's overall performance on the science and math portions of the exam. The ACT is the only national college admission exam to measure science skills. Developing strong science and math skills opens doors for students to take interesting courses and pursue engaging college majors that may lead to rewarding STEM careers in the future. The score ranges from 1 to 36.

Progress Toward Career Readiness Indicator — This measure will help students understand their progress toward career readiness and help educators prepare their students for success in a variety of career pathways. It will provide an indicator of future performance on the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT NCRC®), an assessment-based credential that certifies foundational work skills important for job success across industries and occupations. 

The measure indicates progress toward Bronze-level NCRC, progress toward Silver-level NCRC, or progress toward Gold-level NCRC. It also shows whether the student is making insufficient progress toward an NCRC level.

English Language Arts Score — This score will combine achievement on the English, reading, and writing portions of the ACT for those who take all three sections, enabling students to see how their performance compares with others who have been identified as college ready. A student must take the optional writing test to receive this score. The score ranges from 1 to 36.

Text Complexity Progress Indicator — This indicator will tell students if they are making sufficient progress toward understanding the complex texts they will encounter in college and during their careers. 

The measure indicates whether a student is below proficient, proficient, or above proficient.

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