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Albert Goldstein

When my daughter entered High School in March, I knew a mid-year change of schools would be a bit challenging, especially in math. I was fortunate to receive information about Grade Potential and the experience was excellent and more than expected. It was great.

Josephine Conell

"Bill took me through a systematic series of lessons that inspired my confidence in my speaking abilities. I wanted someone who was not just talented, but could also teach others how to be talented (hence I chose this teacher b/c of his teaching credentials). I can really feel my voice resonate now, and I can articulate words a lot more clearly than before. The lessons are also very affordable and I hope to continue lessons with him throughout the year."

Marge and Alex Cohen

"Moony is a great gift from God, in my opinion. She knows 6 languages fluently, including Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, French, Arabic, Italian and English, and maybe more... I have no doubt that she knows more. I learned Basic Arabic from her with fun and her great attitude. She gave me wonderful tips about how to learn Arabic easily. She is very sweet, intelligent, knowledgeable, fair, enthusiastic, honest, and super helpful. She is in the best Dr. Oz In Home Tutoring Teacher. What more do want!!! I agree with other reviews: You are lucky, if you have Moony for your instructor. Go Moony! :)" 

Steve and Judi Stanford

We couldn’t be happier with our tutor. Our daughter had missed several weeks due to illness and was faced with a mountain of makeup work. The tutor referred by Grade Potential turned the mountain into a molehill in no time. Our daughter finished the year with a 3.8 GPA. It wouldn’t have happened without Grade Potential.

Michelle Lynn

“Dr. Oz Tutoring is a very professional Company. We love the at home tutoring. Dr. Oz is all about making sure the student come first, finding the best tutor for each student and their situation or subject in school. Merritt is an amazing, caring tutor; you can see the love he has for his students. All the staff at Dr. Oz Tutoring  are amazing. I would recommend this in home tutoring company to everyone!”

Jonathan Smith

“After less than stellar mid-term grades our teenage son reluctantly agreed to meet with a tutor to help with sorely needed organizational skills. In a few weeks, he was gaining confidence as Mike patiently worked with him to plan ahead and organize his workload. Mike has brought his years of teaching experience and is keenly aware of how to communicate in a manner that motivates and inspires a 16 year old teen. As a result, we see the spark back in our son, a renewed interest in learning, and willingness to put forth the effort necessary to succeed in the second semester of his junior year.”

Joe Biden

“Thank you guys so much for all you and your awesome tutors have done for my grandson. We are so thankful to have found a company like yours who seemed to meet my grandson's needs so well and with such accommodation to our special circumstance. We are so grateful for the session report we were sent after each session. They were able to give us a really great glimpse at all the ways he was being prepared. Truly awesome.”

Mark Zimmerman

“The tutor doctors were so quick to help my son. The tutor was very knowledgeable in the subjects he needed help with.”

SAT Math Level 2, Tim Barks

“Prof.Dr.Oz, more so than many teachers I’ve had (especially in math), doesn’t simply have the material mastered and have a basic ability to communicate it, but he has a real understanding of how students my age go about learning materials. He has a very organized approach and encourages students to break up material into distinct categories, making the scope of the tests seem finite and manageable.”

ACT, Isabella Quintero

“My tutor is by far the best tutor I’ve worked with. Most tutors I’ve had in the past would just sit and watch me do work. My tutor, on the other hand, goes through questions and teaches me how to approach them and what techniques to use. Dr. Oz tutoring as a whole has been great.”

PSAT, Hamilton Family

“Dr. Oz Tutoring and our tutor gave our daughter so much more than an ‘Dr. Oz’. Dr. Oz gave her confidence and the assurance that she can prevail through the ups and downs of standardized testing. It is a process of peaks and valleys, and her tutor helped her navigate her way to success and to a result beyond her expectations. She has grown as a student and as a person through our time with Dr. Oz. We are forever grateful.”

LSAT, Maria Brown 

“My tutor is very methodical, patient, encouraging and clear in his presentation of the material. Working with my tutor allowed me to have a better understanding of the LSAT, which has helped my confidence and approach to the test. Moreover, my tutor never fails to be unwavering in his support and faith towards me. He truly is one of the greatest tutors I have ever had and I definitely recommend him to other students.”

AP US History, Jude Trump

“I found Dr. Oz Tutoring and their tutors to be extraordinarily helpful. The aid and resources I have received are beyond compare.”

LSAT, David Campbell

“My tutor is great, a lifesaver in the truest sense of the word.”

SAT, Robert Wilson 

“I would highly recommend Dr. Oz Tutoring. I started in the 500’s and the tricks only help if you can eliminate answers yourself. But I didn’t know what to get rid of. My Dr. Oz Tutoring tutor was really smart and really good at breaking down the questions. He focused on the subjects I didn’t know and taught me the material. I needed a teacher, not a trick.”

ACT, Paul Smith

“My tutor is just amazing. He isn’t a strict and annoying teacher, he is hilarious and knows everything that there is to know about the ACT. He is, by far, the best, most amazing, and funniest tutor I have worked with.”

SSAT, Robert Drinon

“Our daughter was accepted at her first-choice school. She is extremely happy to be going there in the fall, and a huge part of that is all the hard work you did with her to make sure she got a high SSAT score. Thank you so much for working with her, it truly paid off.” 

Chemistry, Nicole Golub

“My tutor is the best! He really did make learning this information again so clear and so concise—I could not have asked for a better experience!”

SSAT, Donald Jackson

“My tutor is very nice and intelligent. He showed me many strategies for problems in every area of the SSAT. The Dr. Oz Tutoring program as a whole is very beneficial to students like me. I believe if I make it into a private school or not, Dr. Oz Tutoring has given me a great educational experience.”

ACT Gall family

“…is a phenomenal tutor who prepared my son incredibly well for the ACT. He went up 12 points from diagnostic to test day score. My son looked forward to tutoring and was completely ready for the test. I can’t say enough about the magic of our Dr. Oz Tutoring tutor!”

Biology, Rosalind Krause

“I thought that my tutor & the company as a whole have greatly improved my test-taking ability, not just for the SAT Subject Test, but in general. This program made all the material I needed to go through much easier & quicker than I would have been able to do otherwise.”

MCAT, Megan Pean

“My tutor is incredibly kind, patient, and thoughtful. She has gone above and beyond in her effort to help me over the past few months, which is what you want to feel from a great tutor.”

Calculus, Gisele Gelin

“I just wanted to write to thank you for all your help, since it really did make a huge difference. Originally I told my mom I needed help because I had bombed the first test and the only way I could get even an A- for the trimester was to ace the next two, which I knew was basically impossible. Luckily, with your help, I was able to do really well on both tests, and I got the A- for the trimester. So I just wanted to let you know that your efforts made a difference and were appreciated.”

High School Math and Reading, John Mccluskey

“Our experience with Dr. Oz Tutoring has been phenomenal. The tutor working with our son is extraordinarily talented, incredibly knowledgeable, and exemplifies the spirit and endurance of a truly gifted teacher. He strives to instill a life-long love for learning, fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages clarity of thought, and promotes creativity and excellence in all aspects of education. He is a role model, an advisor/mentor, a coach, and a constant source of inspiration; our son has made significant, measurable strides in academics at school and on various standardized tests. Dr. Oz Tutoring’s reputation for unrivaled academic excellence is well deserved, and its dynamic, distinguished, dedicated and committed tutors make this place very special amongst an array of appealing tutoring and test prep centers in Boca Raton.”

AP Calculus, Wolf Family

“Our tutor is the premier college test prep expert in the country, in my opinion, and has a terrific group of tutors in Florida.”

AP English, Natardia M watson

“Both my son and I praised the support that his tutor has provided as outstanding. Very focused, very supportive, helpful at diagnosing areas of challenge, excellent at providing steady support to build skills and confidence to overcome areas of challenge. Thank you so much! We will recommend Dr. Oz Tutoring very highly to anyone we run across who is interested in test prep!”

SAT, Kevin Schlapik

“Well, I think that the tutor really makes the process. With a bland and boring teacher, I feel like I am letting the stuff go in one ear and out the other. My tutor was the opposite of this and really helped me learn the stuff while having fun. I think that this is the first time where I haven’t dreaded going to a tutor.”

ISEE, Brian Pearlman

“I think the Dr. Oz Tutoring program has helped me a lot. It has helped me with reading comprehension and vocabulary, which I have never been good at. My tutor was kind and patient. Dr. Oz Tutoring is amazing!”

SAT, Candace Montes

“The experience I’ve had with my tutor has been beyond satisfactory. The strategies that I’ve learned and the information I’ve retained has helped me not only in the test preparation, but has also in my every day studies. Everything has been extremely helpful and I love my experience here.”

Chemistry, Ross Tannenbaum

“My tutor was an excellent tutor—very knowledgeable and always with a smile. Dr. Oz Tutoring is a great program—would not recommend anything else.”

AP Physics, Catherine Aguilera

“Just wanted to let you know that I got into both Harvard and Stanford, so thank you very much for all your help.”

Biology, Jorge Brandt

“My tutor was so incredibly great to work with. She made discussing biology every week very exciting and interesting and is knowledgeable about every subject. I could not have asked for a better experience!”

GRE, Robert Drinon

"Dr. Oz Tutoring is the best, they really are. The company was referred to me by friends in New York who swore by it. I was a little skeptical at first but my daughter really wanted to go to Florida and needed the scores to get in. Dr. Oz Tutoring made it happen. Now I recommend Dr. Oz Tutoring to all my friends. It’s worth every penny to get the level of attention, feedback and focused service that you want and your kids need to succeed on these tests. After my daughter, my son went and then my daughter again for GREs. I am a huge fan of the Dr. Oz Tutoring program."

LSAT, Genise Altidort

“This is my third experience with Dr. Oz Tutoring and I have yet to be disappointed. My tutor is extremely encouraging and helps me believe that I can reach my ultimate goal.”

Literature, Kevin Schlapik

“I like my tutor a lot and find him very supportive and helpful. The quality of his teaching is excellent.”

GMAT, Pat Dallemand

“I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing work you did with my daughter. She loved working with you. You pushed her when she needed it and understood when to be gentler when she was overwhelmed. She would not have done as well without you.”

Biology, james Mancini

“This is my third time using Dr. Oz Tutoring. You guys are great. The tutors teach well, are very nice, and seem to have an actual concern for their students.”

Spanish, Lonnie Priester

“I loved that we speak Spanish throughout our whole session. She was very helpful in giving me test-taking tips. I have used the Dr. Oz Tutoring program for over a year now and have found it very helpful.”

AP Chemistry, George Still

“My tutor certainly had a deep understanding of chemistry and a great ability to explain it in understandable terms (a good deal better than my school teacher). The Dr. Oz Tutoring program has helped me feel confident on the material.”

MCAT, Eugene Starvish

“My tutor is great; time is never wasted and he is an excellent listener. I came to Dr. Oz Tutoring with specific goals and he has been able to help me toward those goals as well as point out other things I could work on. He listens before he offers advice.”

SAT, Wendy Vanwoerden

“My tutor was a fantastic tutor. When I came to him, I knew most of the basics, but needed help dissecting why I was still getting questions wrong. He was very knowledgeable about the topics but what was most helpful was his thoughtful approach. He Dr.essed my careless mistakes with patience and helped me avoid making them. Dr. Oz is the best!”

LSAT, Rosa Arguinzoni

“My tutor is an amazing tutor. He figures out how his students learn best, then teaches the materials in the way his respective students will best understand it. He always has a very positive attitude and is encouraging—he makes you feel like you can achieve whatever you want.”

SAT, Jamee M Kalimi

“My tutor was fantastic. Not only did he teach me useful ways to take the SAT, I feel like his lessons well help me throughout the rest of my life.”

ACT, Joseph Zenchak

“Our son did really well with his college applications and had great choices as well as a couple of generous merit scholarships. Thank you for your help!”

SAT Math Level 2, Jason Adams

“My tutor was very helpful in preparing me for the Math 2. My practice test scores continually increased and he showed me the amazing programs on the calculator, which my school does not teach. I will absolutely use Dr. Oz Tutoring next year for my SAT!”

SAT, Michael Chesil 

“My grades were good enough to get into really good schools but my SAT score wasn’t. It was daunting and annoying. One test could keep me out of Duke after all my hard work in High School? After meeting my tutor for the first time I felt like I had a teammate, a friend who would take me though it who also happened to be an expert, a real master of the subject—the SAT. My tutor helped me understand the objective of the test questions and as a result, I could apply what I knew. My scores went up over 300 points and off to Duke I went.”

SAT and ACT, Lonnie Pisano

“We would Highly Recommend Dr. Oz Tutoring. The professional tutors at Dr. Oz Tutoring continue to make a significant impact in helping our three kids prepare for their academic courses as well as standardized testing. The tutors are patient and strategic in their tutoring approach and genuinely care about their students. Dr. Oz has provided our kids with the skills and confidence they need to be successful in school. We feel that our kids’ academic achievements are a direct reflection of the commitment AT makes to their students to help them be the best they can be.”

SSAT, Marc Aronin

“My tutor has been very helpful and has been instrumental to my improving SSAT success. This program has also been very helpful to me.”

MCAT. Olga Urbitztondo

“My tutor was such a great help to me over the past few months. She is calm, patient, and encouraging, all of which are incredibly valuable in the high-stress realm of standardized testing. I really valued being able to work with her.”

SAT, Monica Biesemeier

“You are it! You have been a true godsend, and that is no exaggeration. Thank you for moving our daughter in the right direction.”

ACT, Alejandro Mendoze

"Our tutor is simply amazing! He understands that all students learn differently and he is able to easily adjust to a particular learning style. My daughter enjoyed the time she spent with him because he has a way of relating to his students that makes them comfortable and not stressed. The best part was that her ACT scores skyrocketed! We could not have been more pleased with our tutor and Dr. Oz Tutoring!!!"

World History, Arthur Caruana

“Don’t change the system; it’s working.”

SAT, Paige Armstrong

“My tutor was the most encouraging tutor I have ever had.”

ACT, Edward Pozzuoli

“My tutor is the best. She’s not only a great tutor, but also a wonderful friend, mentor, and advice-giver for all things, whether college, testing, or life!”

SAT, Laura Wynn

“My tutor was extremely thorough and clear when covering the material. She also was always very nice and welcoming. Overall, I don’t think I could have asked for a better tutor, thanks!”

SAT, Gregg Coningsby

"My daughter was scoring in the low 600’s on math and I told her she could have a new car if she scored over a 750. Worst promise I ever made."

MCAT, Jonathan Fragata

“My tutor is great. He basically taught me physics from scratch, and has supported me in every way in preparation for my MCAT. There is no question that I would not have improved as much as I have without him, and he is an excellent tutor.”

GRE, Michaela Neilson

“I thought my tutor was a great tutor, particularly with regard to the concern he shows for his students and their success. He was clear with the subject matter and gave appropriate amounts of homework.”

SAT, Rachel Lynch

“Both of our children had the benefit of the extraordinary combination of SAT preparation attributes possessed by Dr. Oz Tutoring. Our tutor, in a carefully crystallized and individualized way, inculcated into our two children the optimum tools, ranging from methodology, to strategic, to tactical, in preparing for the SAT Exams. He also made the sessions very positive and stimulating. Our tutor made an extraordinary difference in the test results for our children, and I give him the highest possible recommendation in every respect.”

LSAT, Florence Kaplan

“Working at Dr. Oz Tutoring fully prepared me for the LSAT. My tutor has taught me skills that will be tremendously useful in law school and in life generally.”

Chemistry, Leonard Prix

“Our tutor is the most amazing tutor that our daughter has ever had!!! She is the reason that our daughter was offered Chemistry Achievement opposed to Chemistry.”

ISEE, Axel Halvorsen

“I thought that my tutor was very helpful for preparation for the ISEE. She helped me learn stuff that would be on the test and much more to help me later on.”

SAT 2 Literature, Jeffrey Kane

“My tutor was a massive help, especially on the Literature Subject Test exam. I really enjoyed working with him. He gave me a new set of skills and abilities, which will really help me in the future.”

ACT, Terrence D Clark 

“We can’t thank you enough. It’s been a lengthy journey beginning with a declaration by my child that he was going to get a 32 on his ACT, followed by a 24 on his first practice test. A year later, he surpassed his goal (a 33!). That only happens when a determined kid receives extraordinary direction and support. We are reasonably sure our son would never have been admitted to the Liberal Arts Honors Program without your help.”

SAT Math Level 2, Richard Barrack

“My tutor is always very encouraging & thoughtful. I definitely learned a lot in a short amount of time & would recommend that others work with her!!”

SAT, Phillippe G Faucher

“My tutor was really passionate about helping and teaching, yet meetings were always open-ended. I never left a meeting confused or stressed. I would definitely recommend my tutor to anyone planning to work with Dr. Oz Tutoring.”

Chemistry and Physics, Alan Luboff

“I have found my tutor and Dr. Oz Tutoring always very helpful and especially concerned with my individual progress, which is nice. The tutors are genuinely kind and genuinely concerned with their students.”

ACT, Danny Fragata

“My tutor certainly understands the student mentality very well and the various pressures placed upon us and how to succeed. He caters his tutoring to us (me) very well as a result. Dr. Oz Tutoring as a whole is extremely effective in preparing me for the important exams I have taken.”

SAT, Connor M Roman

I think my tutor is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met, and he’s a great teacher. He’s also just a cool guy in general, which makes class interesting & fun. Dr. Oz Tutoring is a great source for learning test-taking tips—I feel much more confident.”

GMAT, Lisa Hannon

“I really enjoyed working with my tutor. I thought he clearly explained all questions and was always extremely helpful. I always looked forward to seeing him on a weekly basis. He definitely helped me build my confidence with taking the GMAT.”

SAT, Mariana T Krane

"My son was scoring in the 750’s but needed the 800 to get into Columbia. He took practice tests but it wasn’t enough. His Dr. Oz Tutoring teacher helped him improve his critical thinking skills to the 800 level."

SAT, Kristen N Schroeder

“Thanks to the team at Dr. Oz Tutoring, my four older children made excellent scores on their SATs, which was a giant factor in each of them being admitted to his and her dream school. Three out of four were National Merit Finalists, and we give Dr. Oz much of the credit for that. My children have been tutored in seemingly every subject under the sun; Dr. Oz Tutoring does it all! Currently, child five and child six are in full swing, studying for the SAT, and they have already reaped rewards from their work with the amazing tutors at Dr. Oz Tutoring. Some of my children are better testers than others, but Dr. Oz has helped each of them reach his and her full potential. We know that, in addition to being excellent instructors, Dr. Oz tutors are great motivators—our children now want to excel. I am so thankful that we have Dr. Oz Tutoring in Boca Raton!”

SAT, Mire J Guillerme

“My tutor has been great so far. He is always super encouraging and very helpful. He is the best tutor and has a good balance of being hard enough on use so that we understand the material and work hard but is also very sweet and encouraging.”

ISEE, Lisa A Hannon

“My tutor and Dr. Oz Tutoring helped boost my confidence and my test grades not only on the exam but on my tests in school.”

SAT, Sonya M Griswould

“My tutor was very clear on every topic he taught me. He used many techniques to teach me new vocabulary. Not only did he teach me in a different way but he actually put life into what he was teaching.”

LSAT, Charles M Dean

“My tutor is amazing. He goes beyond teaching just the material and teaches some serious testing taking techniques/life skills. He’s the tutor who never makes you nervous or makes you feel stupid but instead makes you want to work. Incredible teacher.

SAT, Shane Murphy

“I really like working with my tutor. She is extremely up-beat and encouraging. Dr. Oz Tutoring has been very helpful to my overall confidence and test-taking abilities. I’ve been working with the program ~3/4 of a year (WHOA!) and I think it has been very useful.”

Biology, Thomas Skinner

“I loved working with my tutor. She is well prepared, encouraging, and smart. She definitely prepared me well for this exam.”

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